Connect Deeply with your Community

CardClan is the most effective way to build more profound connections with your community by sending them a personalized digital card in 120 seconds.
Stay close to your community when it matters the most.

How it works

Design, Collaborate. Schedule

Better yet, bring your whole clan together to create and send your digital card, with everyone's personal message on it.



Create the perfect card, Customize prebuilt templates or build from scratch to match any occasion

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Invite your whole team or family to add their message to make it hyper-personalized and nurture relationships

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Schedule ahead of time. Never forget an important event now and feel left out, schedule your greetings ahead of time and set it on auto-repeat

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More then 100+ companies build better relationship using CardClan


Some businesses sharing the user experience

Sending Greeting Cards to my email list...❞

A team well backed by experienced digital marketing leaders and loved the vision of the product, I was so much facing challenges with client relationships and CardClan has enabled me to make my customers feel special in a very professional as well as personal way, loved it for sending digital greetings.I feel that it’s really building a trustworthy relationship with my clients.

Dec 12, 2020

Easy for new customers...❞

Loved the vision of the product, we have around 50k+ customers worldwide and we want to use CardClan for sending personalized welcome cards for every new customer that joins. I see it can also be used for your employees, we have a team of 30+ people now, so that’s interesting. Hoping from CardClan team to get some more features for product based businesses.

Dec 21, 2020

Using it for client engagement and relationship...❞

As the #1 ranked healthcare recruitment firm in USA, we engage mostly with local clinics and private hospitals on daily/weekly basis, CardClan is really helping me remember the core values where I send my business partners greetings and shoutouts on their events and also use to share digital cards to my high tier clients on my business events such as anniversary etc,

Jan 03, 2021

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01 - Design

Keep your customers and loved ones happy by designing the perfect card.

Pre-built template library.

Use CardClan to create a perfect card for your colleague, business partner, customers, or employees. we have countless designs and illustrations for you.


Feature rich Graphic Editor.

You Can Choose From The Ready-Made Designs Or Make Your Own Card Using Our Library Stock Of Fonts, Colors, Text Styles, And Photos. Or Even Better, Upload Your Own Images And Play Around With Your Creativity.


Countless integrations with your favourite platforms.

Easily integrate with your favourite tools to get a seamless cardclan experience

02 - Collaborate

Share and Collaborate

Next, with our simple share option, invite your whole clan and get them to kick in their personal message in your card. No worries of jumping down the rabbit hole of misplaced manila folders or smudgy handprints on the card. Just click and share your card with your team. Your team can add their messages and sign the card using different text and font styling.


03 - Schedule

Schedule Ahead of Time

Use CardClan to create a perfect card for your colleagues, business partners, customers, and employees by using countless designs and illustrations.

Schedule Cards

Let’s be realistic for a sec. you can love your employees and customers all you want and still forget to send them cards on occasions. or sometimes you get buried in work and can’t find time to design a card right away. that’s why you should be proactive and plan everything way ahead of time.


Schedule your card for recurring events

How cool would it be if you could pre-schedule card delivery for events in the upcoming years? stop daydreaming and start doing it with CardClan. All you have to do is pick a card and schedule an auto-send date, we’ll remember the date and remind you of next year’s delivery.

But that's not all.

If you crave consumer engagement just like us, look no further, we have everything that you need in a single place.


Canva Integration.
Build your own cover pages using our Canva integration that gives you much more flexibility then ever before.

Coming soon


Bulk CSV Import.
Import all your contacts from CSV file and schedule cards ahead of time for everyone in bulk to streamline your process

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Integrate with your own calendars
Native integration with Gmail and Outlook calendars so you never miss any important events and schedule greeting’s for the whole year ahead of time

Coming soon


Automated Video Cards.
Personalized video cards auto-generated using your brand colors and logos and delivered straight to your customer’s inbox

Make them feel special. One card, many messages.