Reach out to clients like never before with
digital cards!

Create personalized cards for your prospects to make a great first impression, follow up on conversations, express gratitude, and commemorate special occasions.

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Building relationships is the most important part of business outreach

That’s why 1000+ teams are using CardClan to build relationships.

Whether you are cold emailing or networking on Linkedin, Use Digital Cards for Outreach

That’s why 1000+ teams are using CardClan to build a workplace culture.

Are you tired of sending the same boring emails?

Emails are a great way to reach out, but you need something that stands out and grabs attention. Use Digital Cards for your outreach.

Starting a conversation can be awkward!

You want to make a good first impression, but you don’t know what to say. Use Digital Cards as icebreakers.

It can be hard to build a loyal customer base.

Build strong relationships with your Customers. Use Digital Cards to thank them.

The customer experience is the cornerstone of any successful business.

Customers want to be engaged, understood, and appreciated. Use Digital Cards on special occasions.

Customer Success Stories

Streamline Your Business Outreach with CardClan Workflows and Zapier Integration

You spend hours writing out each card by hand. You can't afford to make mistakes or you'll be stuck with a dozen cards for the wrong person. Cardclan lets you send group cards to your customers and loved ones.

Ranging from personalized card designs, adding visuals and interesting messages to scheduling it for a list of customers by having integration with your mailing system, CardClan serves the whole cycle. 

CardClan is fullfilling a big social responsibility

As we're not using paper-based cards. People love how simple it is to use and that they can keep in touch with friends without the hassle of all those old-fashioned PMs or text messages!


CardClan has delivered 20,000+ digital cards

CardClan has delivered 20,000+ digital greeting cards since its launch, everyone loves how easy this app makes communication feel by eliminating any need for Physical Cards.


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