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Why CardClan?

How CardClan Came to Life.


We analyzed over 10K businesses in the past five years and concluded that 70% of the businesses don't focus on building a personal connection with their clients.

Year 2016


This results in a higher customer churn rate, and the same goes for the employer-employee paradigm.nn
Year 2018


You are out of business if you don't make an effort to retain your customers and employees at all times, how you engage with them is the #1 project you should work on, technology makes it more fun and personal to build better relationships, we are looking for a platform that can help people achieve powerful communication and they don't have to spare a huge amount of time for it.


We created a community engagement platform that helps businesses boost customer engagement and allows employers to build a meaningful connection with their employees to counteract all these challenges.
Year 2020

Consumer Engagement Made Effortless

Your customers don’t always want to hear about your product. Your co-workers don’t always want to talk about business. What they want is a connection. Acknowledge and appreciate their loyalty and hard work by adding intuitive messages using Cardclan, a tool that empowers communication among communities by bringing them together on special occasions.

Customers that receive a special card from you on weekly basis will most probably remember that event on top of all the other emails landing the inbox.

welcome to the club
thank you

Break the Ice with Your Customers

The usual newsletters here and there are good, but they aren’t enough. Your customers crave a deeper connection with you. They want you to hear them, empathize with them, and be there for them throughout your journey together. We give you a chance to construct a meaningful relationship with your clients and overcome customer churn by gaining their trust and confidence. Get your whole team to add their personal message to your card and send it to your customers on events that matter to them.

Always Think of Your Team

Your team, employees, and co-workers are human too. You have to look out for their well-being. Appreciate them on every win and comfort them on a difficult loss. Cultivate a positive work environment by celebrating your co-worker’s promotions, deal signoffs, or giving them a big shout-out after a big presentation. You can even send motivational notes to your colleagues and help them power through demanding projects. It is all about bringing people closer and building each other up to achieve one common goal.

You were amazing
Happy Birthday

Surprise Your Colleagues at Work

Work comes first, but nobody minds having some fun in between breaks. You can make a colleague’s birthday, memorable, with a sweet and simple card. Get the rest of the team to write a message to make things extra special. Or you could help a new team player to settle in with a welcome card. Even goodbyes don’t have to be sad. Make a farewell card with warm wishes for your colleague’s next venture. The possibilities are endless. Just remember, the workplace doesn’t always have to be boring.

Stay Connected with Your Business Partners

Go ahead and lighten up your relationship with your business partners. Include them in your company’s events with celebratory cards. This will allow them to feel like an integral part of your company. You might even go so far as getting their personal message on your client cards to display your brotherhood. Fact is, everyone likes to be thought of. Use CardClan to bring about a sense of togetherness and inclusivity, be it within or outside your team. 

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